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Divorce Services Focused On Your Family, Your Future And Your Rights

Going through a divorce can take an emotional toll on a person at precisely the time when they need to be making well-reasoned, knowledgeable decisions.

At the law office of Kirner & Boldt Co., L.P.A., in North Royalton, Ohio, our lawyers will help you understand your rights and what to expect in a divorce; provide you with practical, experienced guidance; and advocate for your rights at every step of the legal process. We are active leaders in the local and legal communities, and we want to help you find a solution that works.

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Our lawyers will help you resolve all of the issues involved in divorce, including:

  • Child custody: Extra care must be taken to minimize the disruption to children’s lives and ensure their best interests are at the heart of every decision you make. We will clarify realistic options and help you prepare for what to expect so that you can resolve your concerns in a fair manner while avoiding litigation, if at all possible.
  • Child support: The children’s best interests are always taken into account in Ohio, which has developed a child support formula. These guidelines take into consideration factors such as the income and certain expenses of each parent and the amount of parenting time that each parent legally has been allotted.
  • Property division: Property division involves valuing your estate and determining what is marital property and what is premarital, or nonmarital. For instance, assets as well as debt are considered marital property, as are 401(k) plans, IRAs, businesses, inventories and homes. Premarital assets are items or money (that was not commingled) that you came into the marriage with. Examples of nonmarital assets are items such as inheritances or personal injury settlements (that have not been commingled with marital assets).

Looking for a less stressful and less costly way to end your marriage? Consider marriage dissolution.

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