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Fighting For Your Rights After A Domestic Violence Charge

Domestic violence charges are unlike any other type of criminal charge. Once you are charged, you are subjected — without a trial — to many of the same penalties you would face if you were convicted. A conviction makes those penalties permanent and piles on even more punishment.

Whether a heated disagreement spiraled out of control or you are the victim of false charges, the attorneys at Kirner & Boldt Co., L.P.A., can assist you. We understand what kind of nightmare you are going through. We can guide you so that you stay out of additional trouble. We can show you how to mount a strong challenge to all the charges.

The Long-Term Realities Of A Domestic Violence Conviction

The immediate effects of a domestic violence charge are harsh, but the long-term consequences of a conviction on your life are even worse:

  • You may be subject to a restraining order that bars you from your own home
  • You could lose custody of your children or be subjected to supervised visitation
  • Your reputation may be permanently damaged, and you will always be branded as a violent criminal
  • You may not be eligible to carry a firearm, which can cost some people their jobs
  • If you make a mistake and contact the victim in any way, you face new charges
  • You could lose many employment opportunities due to background checks
  • You may have trouble receiving or maintaining a professional license
  • If you are an immigrant, you may become ineligible for citizenship or face deportation

With consequences like these, it is important to put your case in the hands of a skilled lawyer as soon as possible.

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