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Agent To Handle Funeral Arrangements

Often an individual has not implemented arrangements for the disposition of their remains upon death. A valuable tool for those who survive you to have is a designation of an agent to do so. Under Ohio law, the matter of your disposition would be directed by your surviving spouse, or if unable to do so your surviving children, and so on to more extended and remote relations.

Declaration for funeral arrangements: Under Ohio law, you can establish your own agent to handle your funeral and burial. This document authorizes the selected representative to oversee and make decisions to complete your burial. Otherwise the law states who is in charge. You may designate individuals as primary and an alternate, if the primary representative is unable or unwilling to proceed. You may also designate a group to make decisions determined by the majority of the named. In this document you can provide written instructions regarding your burial arrangements such as cremation, funeral home, and/or religious services you wish to have, selection veteran service burial rights as a qualified veteran or the spouse of a qualified veteran and burial site. You can also direct the fund or funds to be used for this purpose.