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North Royalton Lawyers With Experience In Will Contests, Probate, Estate Litigation

Probate litigation can be a costly and time-consuming matter, which through the use of a concise estate plan and appropriate documents can be avoided. In matters where there is confusion or fraud, a resolution needs to occur or litigation of the matter before the court instituted.

Will contests, misuse of funds in a trust or estate by the estate fiduciary or trustee and improper use of funds or transfer of assets during the life of a decedent by an appointed agent under a power of attorney are matters often found in the court to be litigated. Trustees are not always aware of the extent of their responsibilities with regard to trust administration. For example, there are strict timelines that need to be met, income taxes need to be filed, debts need to be paid off, and the trust assets need to be sold or distributed. Trust and probate administration can be complicated for someone who may never have had contact with the process before.

When trustees do not fulfill their legally designated role, either because they are unaware of the extent of their duties, or because they are willfully delaying the closing of an estate, disputes can and do arise among family members. As a trustee, you may be personally liable for financial loss caused by neglect or breach of your duties.

It is important that you fully understand the matter and what the court will expect you to prove before starting litigation. Often the matter can be resolved without filing of formal action. Our lawyers have assisted clients in litigation and resolving fiduciary and beneficiary dispute matters and can provide the guidance and file an action or defend you should representation be needed.

Providing Guidance To Fiduciaries Since 1989

At the law office of Kirner & Boldt Co., L.P.A., in North Royalton, Ohio, our practice involves counseling executors and trustees, regarding estate and probate administration, trust administration, trustee liability matters and will contests. We help clients understand the nature of the fiduciary’s role and have offered guidance in this area since 1989, whether they serve as an executor, administrator, guardian, trustee, agent under a power of attorney, or as a beneficiary.

Help If You Are A Beneficiary Or Believe You Should Be

We also represent family members who are challenging a trust or will in cases where there is undue influence extended on the elderly or infirm person who signed the document. At each step, we will have our client’s best interests at heart and will make sure to protect these interests throughout the course of their legal needs. We are also mindful of the family dynamics that can come into play with regard to a trust or will contest, and we will be sensitive to these matters, as well.

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Learn how an experienced attorney can help you address concerns relating to a will contest or a trustee’s responsibilities. Call for a free initial consultation at 440-782-6080. To contact us through email, please complete the brief form below. We are conveniently located in the Cleveland suburb of North Royalton, Ohio, near Parma, and we serve clients in Cuyahoga, Medina and Summit counties.