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December 2018 Archives

New Child Support Changes coming in March of 2018.

In March of 2018, the child support guide lines will be modified for the first time in years. There will be some substantial changes, however no one really knows what actual result these will have. It seems that the legislature modified the guidelines for situations in Juvenile Court, and did not really address the situation on Domestic Relations Court (married or divorced parties). In March, the entire amount of the cost of health insurance will be deducted from the parties gross income for the purposes of the calculation. The assumption will be that the "custodial parent" will be the health insurance obligor (provide health insurance). Previously just the cost to insure the child was captured, and the respective cost was divided between the parties based on their respective percent of income. Further in 2018 there will be three steps of "deviation" or reduction to child support based on the number of overnights the non-residential parent has parenting time. The first step is over 90 night, and seems to warrant a 10% downward deviation. The second step is over 140+/- nights and warrants a further deviation, however they have not addressed what percent deviation this amount will be. At this time the standard schedule in Cuyahoga County is at 138 nights, so this will be interesting to see how this plays out. There is a 3rd deviation warranted at over 145 nights. Again, a 50/50 schedule seems to warrant a pretty substantial deviation downward in child support. There has been no specific direction given on if this this a 25%, 50% or more deviation. It will be interesting to see how this evolves in the near future.

Drug possession criminal reform bright light at end of year

Though Issue 1, Ohio's drug crime constitutional amendment, failed at the ballot box in November, Ohio Senate President has started taking steps to make good on his promise to reform drug laws. Though he opposed the failed amendment, he had claimed he would work toward changing the laws and introduced Senate Bill 341 in furtherance of that.

The difference between contested and uncontested divorces

Conflict is often the root of many marital squabbles but in many situations Ohio residents are able to come to terms with their spouses and move past their disagreements. However, when marital strife becomes unbearable, individuals may turn to the courts to release them from their legal bonds. Divorce is the common term given to the litigious process that severs the legal relationship between two people.

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