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The difference between contested and uncontested divorces

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Conflict is often the root of many marital squabbles but in many situations Ohio residents are able to come to terms with their spouses and move past their disagreements. However, when marital strife becomes unbearable, individuals may turn to the courts to release them from their legal bonds. Divorce is the common term given to the litigious process that severs the legal relationship between two people.

For some, the conflict that they experienced in their marriage will continue into their divorce. When the partners to failing marital couples cannot agree on how they will split up their money or if one will be required to pay the other support, the case may be considered a contested divorce. Contested divorces can require negotiations between the parties and their attorneys to find acceptable solutions to the parties’ varying opinions.

However, some individuals are able to end their marriages without fighting with their soon-to-be exes. When two people who are married can look past their major differences and seek a collaborative end to their marriage, their marital dissolution may be seen as an uncontested divorce.

Couples who wish to complete uncontested divorces should check with their family law attorneys before beginning the process as not all marital partnerships will qualify. Additionally, individuals who are embroiled in heated, confrontational disagreements with their exes over the details of their divorces may also benefit from speaking to local divorce attorneys. Lawyers who practice in both the contested and uncontested divorce fields can offer their clients a wealth of information and perspective on how best to conclude their marriages and emerge with their lives still intact.

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