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What are the penalties for first-time drug possession in Ohio?

For many years, Ohio and other states have been fighting illicit drug use. They are doing this in part by attacking the demand side, penalizing the people who possess and use drugs. Lately there has been discussion of whether this is a wise approach. Still, these drug possession laws remain on the books, and there is a danger that Buckeye State residents may be prosecuted under them.

Contractor Issues and Civil Lawsuits

At least once a week, I will get a call from a potential new client who has an issue with a contractor and the work that was performed on their house and they are unhappy with the work or the contractor has stopped working or other like problems. In theory, this is a breach of contract case. This case could be costly to pursue, and you may "win" but you may not be able to collect.

Marital dissolution: a form of divorce available in Ohio

Divorce is sometimes portrayed as always being a traumatic court proceeding in which two spouses battle it out for child custody, child support, spousal support and property. However, not all divorces look like this. Sometimes two people simply grow apart, and they jointly realize that it isn't working out and it would be better not to be together. Maybe they've even separated, with the two no longer living together. Is there an easier way for them to dissolve the legal bonds of matrimony?

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