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Rules for dissolution of marriage in Cuyahoga County

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Divorce |

There are two common ways to end a marriage in Ohio. The first is divorce, a contested legal process. “Divorce” is also a general term, but that word does not technically apply to the information in this article.

The second method, and the subject of this discussion, is often more efficient. As such, it is usually preferable when there is no major dispute between the spouses. The legal term for it is “dissolution”.

Categories of dissolution

As explained on FindLaw, termination of marriage is complex enough that the state regulates it. Because reorganization of the family is typically the most complicated stage, it is common to see separate information for two categories: dissolution with and without children.

Property division and spousal support are far from simple matters. However, the child support agreements and parenting plans are unique in that third parties — the children, that is — must receive the consideration of the court. This added concern is a key factor necessitating the added steps for dissolution with children.

Procedures for termination

The Cuyahoga County website offers information outlining the procedures and requirements for dissolution. This resource also mentions that anyone attempting the process should know and understand the rules pertaining to:

  • The local court
  • Ohio evidence requirements
  • Ohio legal procedure

Familiarity with the regulations that guide dissolution could provide several benefits. It could help maintain schedules, ensure fair agreements and even avoid conflicts. Of course, it is not enough to simply know the procedures. It is also important to complete and submit all documents to the satisfaction of the court.

Regardless of the method a married couple takes, be it divorce or dissolution, the goal is to create a new agreement that is fair to both parties. Courts typically will look for this type of balance before issuing any final decisions.

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