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What are the grounds to file a divorce in Ohio?

Not all Ohio marriages will work out as planned. For a variety of reasons, people might decide that they want to move forward with a divorce and end their marriage. There are many factors that will be part of this process. Before anything else, however, it is important to understand the basics. The law has certain requirements that must be met for a person to file for divorce and for the other party to file a counterclaim for divorce.

We help North Royalton folks with marital dissolution and divorce

Some people have more contact with the court system than do others, but divorce is a common way that large numbers of Ohio's people interact with the courts. It's understandable if people have some questions about how the legal process plays out.

Marital dissolution: a form of divorce available in Ohio

Divorce is sometimes portrayed as always being a traumatic court proceeding in which two spouses battle it out for child custody, child support, spousal support and property. However, not all divorces look like this. Sometimes two people simply grow apart, and they jointly realize that it isn't working out and it would be better not to be together. Maybe they've even separated, with the two no longer living together. Is there an easier way for them to dissolve the legal bonds of matrimony?

The difference between contested and uncontested divorces

Conflict is often the root of many marital squabbles but in many situations Ohio residents are able to come to terms with their spouses and move past their disagreements. However, when marital strife becomes unbearable, individuals may turn to the courts to release them from their legal bonds. Divorce is the common term given to the litigious process that severs the legal relationship between two people.

How domestic violence can affect child custody cases

It is always ideal when couples in the Cleveland area can get along during the divorce process and come to an agreement about child custody and parenting time. The common wisdom these days is that a cooperative divorce makes the process far less traumatic on the children.

How domestic violence charges affect custody in Ohio

While everyone hopes otherwise, it is a sad reality that when marriages end, tempers between the two spouses often flare, and conflicts that may have long been buried come to a head. It is therefore not surprising in the course of a divorce that one side or the other winds up being accused, rightly or wrongly, of domestic violence.

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